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Art & Culture

A wide range of cultural and artistic enjoyment is provided by the two museums, a short walk away from each other on the museum axis. However, there are also several works of art to discover in public places.

At the "Museum of Everyday Life" (Museum der Alltagskultur) in Waldenbuch Castle visitors can embark on a journey of discovery through the daily life of the past 200 years, while the Museum Ritter stages alternating exhibitions on the theme of the Square in the art of the 20th and 21st centuries. Find out more about the various museums on the following pages.

Museum Ritter


Frau Svenja Lipp

Beauftragte für Stadtmarketing, Öffentlichkeitsarbeit und Tourismus

Bild des persönlichen Kontakts "Frau Lipp"
Marktplatz 1
71111 Waldenbuch
Telefon 07157 1293-48
Fax 07157 1293-75
Building Altes Rathaus
Room 2
Frau Katharina Schienle
Bild des persönlichen Kontakts "Frau Schienle"
Marktplatz 1
71111 Waldenbuch
Telefon 07157 129325
Fax 07157 129375
Building Altes Rathaus
Room 2

Opening hours

Day Open Close
Mon. 7:30 13:00
Tue. 13:00 16:00
Wed. 8:00 12:00
Thu. 15:30 18:30
Fri. 8:00 12:00

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