Calendar of Events


In 2017 Schönbuch Nature Park again has lots of events on offer. In addition to excursions and concerts, various culinary events and informative guided nature walks guarantee a programme full of diversity.

Our forest excursions with the former district forester Günther Schwarz are also part of the Nature Park's wide range of options.

Here you can find the Calendar of Events for 2017 as a PDF download: Calendar of Events in Schönbuch Nature Park (4.709 MB)

Printed copies are also available free of charge in both Town Halls.


Frau Petra Eisele


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Marktplatz 1
Telefon 07157 1293-48
Fax 07157 1293-75
Building: Altes Rathaus
Room: 2
Frau Sandra Noller
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Marktplatz 1
Telefon 07157 1293-25
Fax 07157 1293-75
Building: Altes Rathaus
Room: 2

Opening hours

Day Open Close
Mon. 7:30 13:00
Tue. 13:00 16:00
Wed. 8:00 12:00
Thu. 15:30 18:30
Fri. 8:00 12:00

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