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Sports Facilities and Event Locations


The TSV Waldenbuch 1891 e.V. owns 10 outdoor and 2 indoor tennis courts at the Hasenhof. The youth centre and gym at the Ritter-Sport Stadium also belong to the club. The event hall and restaurant at the Ritter-Sport Stadium are on lease to the town of Waldenbuch. More information on the TSV Waldenbuch's sports facilities can be found on the homepage of the TSV Waldenbuch 1891 e.V.

The ice stock (Bavarian curling) facility is also located at the Hasenhof and is run by the ESC Glashütte 1990 e.V. The club offers:

  • 4 asphalt tracks
  • 5 synthetic tracks
  • 1 covered festival ground (~180m²)
  • 1 club house (~40m²).

For events and other occasions the facilities can be rented here. The clubhouse (Schützenhaus) located at Alte Dettenhäuser Straße 58 belongs to the SV Waldenbuch sports club.

More information on the club and the clubhouse can be found here.


Frau Svenja Lipp

Beauftragte für Stadtmarketing, Öffentlichkeitsarbeit und Tourismus

Bild des persönlichen Kontakts "Frau Lipp"
Marktplatz 1
71111 Waldenbuch
Telefon 07157 1293-48
Fax 07157 1293-75
Building Altes Rathaus
Room 2
Frau Katharina Schienle
Bild des persönlichen Kontakts "Frau Schienle"
Marktplatz 1
71111 Waldenbuch
Telefon 07157 129325
Fax 07157 129375
Building Altes Rathaus
Room 2

Opening hours

Day Open Close
Mon. 7:30 13:00
Tue. 13:00 16:00
Wed. 8:00 12:00
Thu. 15:30 18:30
Fri. 8:00 12:00

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