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Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Charging Station at the townhall
Charging Station at Museum Ritter

Our electric vehicle charging stations give citizens and guests the opportunity to recharge their vehicles at no cost and at the same time protect the environment.

Our charging stations for electric vehicles, e-bikes and pedelecs in the historical town centre can be found at

Altes Rathaus (Old Town Hall, Marktplatz 1)

opposite the building Marktstraße 16. In addition to the station at the Old Town Hall there's another one for e-bikes and pedelecs at the car park of the

Museum Ritter (Alfred-Ritter-Straße 27)

This station has several photovoltaic modules which convert solar energy. With the green electricity they produce, the bikes' fuel cells can be recharged free of charge at six power outlets. Each outlet is also equipped with a lockable compartment, where the fuel cell and other cycling accessories can be stored during charging to protect them from theft. Take the opportunity to recharge your batteries free while you enjoy a stroll through the historical old town or visit the art exhibition at the Museum Ritter.

How to recharge your vehicle:

Connecting your electric vehicle to the charging station activates the access point. Now you can charge your electric vehicle for up to one hour free of charge. When you wish to end the process, simply press the "Stop" button and remove the plug. This terminates the charging process.

How to recharge your e-bike:

To recharge your e-bike or pedelec, simply insert the plug of your own charger into the socket provided and remove it again when the charging process is completed.


Frau Katharina Kutzmutz

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